Norrbotten Big Band & Django Bates Saluting Sgt. Pepper

A tribute to the Beatles


Norrbotten Big Band & Django Bates Saluting Sgt. Pepper

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– Idun

Django Bates turned seven a few months after the release of one of the history of music’s most iconic and legendary albums: the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

This year, it is exactly 50 years since the album was released. It has been ranked as the best rock album ever, won prizes for its album cover, and been analysed in detail by hermeneutic scholars. According to the analysts, the song lyrics are about lost innocence and the danger of overindulging in illusions.

This was the Great Britain in which Django Bates grew up. He experienced how, during this period, the Queen’s global empire fell apart into nothing and how the British people’s self-image was fundamentally shaken.

Django Bates is a brilliant composer and musician who flits between piano, keyboards and tenor horn and who has a penchant for large-scale compositions.

With the phenomenal Norrbotten Big Band, Django Bates has exactly the composition he needs to create new interpretations of A Day in the Life, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Fixing a Hole, With a Little Help from my Friends and other timeless classics.

There is no limit to how amazing this can be!