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MF Robots

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– Idun

What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jazzfestivalen than by dancing to club music? And who would be better at creating powerful grooves, funky explosions and sensitive ballads than the 8-man English band MF Robots

Actually, behind the band name there is a duo: Singer Dawn Joseph and drummer and composer Jan Kincaid.  They met in the legendary English acid jazz group Brand New Heavies. Perhaps you can remember that Killinggänget borrowed their music for the comedy series Nilecity 105,6? Jan Kincaid was one of the founders of Brand New Heavies and the main songwriter (with 16 top-40 singles and 2 million sold albums) while Dawn Joseph joined the band later as an eminent solo vocalist. 

Jan Kincaid has commented on his music philosophy as follows: “Today, we are living in a world of change and evanescence. We hope we can communicate a little escapism for the soul – exciting and energetic music that is both here and now and yet will stand the test of time.”

MF Robots get their inspiration from the classical heritage, for both their song-writing and sound production.  Their music combines elements from different eras and styles: soul, jazz, hard funk, electronica, acid jazz and pop. Dawn Joseph has also worked together with musicians like Rod Stewart, Michael Buble and Phil Collins. A truly unbeatable party factor!