Loney Dear

Shimmering falsetto and an icy roar


Loney Dear

Times & dates

– Äpplet

We welcome back Loney dear – Emil Svanängen’s alter ego – who fascinates audiences with his magnificent, awe-inspiring and jazzy pop music.

He has a voice of velvet that can both rise to a shimmering falsetto and give out an icy roar. This is accompanied by a staggeringly deep sound that breathes at least churches, if not cathedrals. Just listen to his cover of Nazareth’s Love Hurts with Loney dear’s weightless space and black abyss: a sort of modern sacred music. Or his own December Lillies.

Emil’s path to breakthrough has been a long one. He recorded his first three albums in the basement of his parents’ house in Jönköping and then sold them via his website and at gigs. The albums were spread through their reputation and then one day, he got a contract with an American record company and then received international acclaim.

And this evening he will transform Äpplet into – well, who knows?