Retro music which takes us to the future



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– SoundGarden

Horseface is the name of one of the Umeå bands that are currently attracting a lot of attention in Sweden. This is how they have described their music: “It sounds like Flying Lizards had a rehearsal room at the Finland Association in Sundsvall.”

Their musical identity is hard to define. They take us into a musical universe which sometimes portrays a warped dream world accentuated by hovering decor and at other times is repetitive and robust. Then suddenly the band’s elastic swing gets our bodies moving. Loops, synths, drumbeats and guitar riffs are woven together to form an irresistible popish music with many layers. West Africa could be one source location – Österbotten in Finland another. Jääkausi, which means Ice Age, is Horseface´s full-length debut which was released in the spring.

Hanna Kangassalo´s unsentimental Sweden-Finnish signals both irony and humour but it has more dimensions to it than that and an association with Björk is close at hand. All in all, this is retro music which is rich in imagery and which takes us to the future.